Interview with Sid and Nandan Naresh

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

“It was unbelievable and amazing flying out to Los Angeles,” said Sid, who just finished seventh grade at Kennedy Junior High School in Lisle. “(Steve Harvey) is so funny. He’s so easy to talk to.”


, who will be a fifth-grader at Highlands Elementary School in Naperville in the fall, said he was nervous he’d miss the ball during one-on-one volleys with his brother.

Nandan currently holds the highest rating by USA Table Tennis in the boys age 10 and younger category. Sid is in the top 10 of boys age 14 and younger….. more


America’s Team Championship – pictures

America’s Team Championship – message from organizers

Courtesy of ATC organizers


Hello All –
47 is the final count for the teams with 202 players – an increase in players for this year.  7 teams in Division One with 8 teams in the rest of them.  Divisions of 8 teams worked quite well last year.
Teams getting byes in Division One are NJTTC, Lily Yip TT Club, and HW Global Foundation.  Teams getting byes and remaining in Division Six are MEBH, CCG Junior, Chennai Super Kings, and MADM.  The first round for these seven teams is at 11:30 am on Saturday with a team captains’ meeting at 10:30 am.
All other team captains meet at table one at 8:45 am to get instructions, balls, match slips, and team signs.
The venue will open at 4:30 pm on Friday for practice instead of 6 pm. There is a TV station and a radio station that are doing live broadcasts – we need action for them!  Please come.  We may also need some players to help with a Celebrity Challenge at 6 pm.
There has been no response on the transportation so the Convention and Visitors Bureau will not be offering it.  If you are one that absolutely needed it, please let me know – we need to know in advance.  Thanks.
Most of the information documents will be posted here this afternoon and tonight.  The team seeds are slightly different than what shows on OmniPong due to small changes in some player ratings.
Preliminary draws will be posted at the venue Friday evening.  They will not be posted online until the event begins on Saturday.
We’re excited!  It is a beautiful new building and the draw is exceptionally strong.

Thanks, Ed, Engelbert, and Diana

ps – The restaurant is also selling Asian Stir Fry food, AND there is a party at the venue outside on Saturday night after the competition with food and drink for sale – AND you can try your luck at Cornhole! © 2015 Frontier Theme