Two Person Experior League – survey

Should we repeat last year's Two Person League



Should we repeat last year's Two Person League


Congratulations to Sid and Nandan Naresh for making to US National Teams. Sid earned a coveted spot on the U.S. National Mini Cadet and Cadet teams. Nandan is on the Mini Cadet B team. GREAT JOB!!!

Courtesy of USATT

July 14, 2017 (Colorado Springs, CO) – USATT High Performance Director Joerg Bitzigeio announced today the roster of players for USATT’s 2017-18 Youth National Teams. Selections were based on the order of finish from the team trials events at the 2017 Supermicro National Championships which concluded last Saturday in Las Vegas, NV.
“After my first week in the USA at the Nationals observing our young players, I was positively surprised with the level of play from our younger athletes during the National Team trials,” commented Bitzigeio. “I can see opportunities for them, but we also need to be aware that it is a very long and hard way to the international top level, which should be the long-term goal.”
Please note that players “aging off” respective National Teams will be replaced in accordance with the 2017-18 Youth National Team procedures published on USATT’s website,
Team Members are listed alphabetically (*Denotes new team member)
Junior Boys
Adar Alguetti (Tenafly, NJ)
Gal Alguetti (Tenalfy, NJ)*
Sharon Alguetti (Tenalfy, NJ)
Krish Avvari (Fremont, CA)
Kunal Chodri (Fremont, CA)
Kanak Jha (Milpitas, CA)
Nikhil Kumar (San Jose, CA)*
Michael Tran (Houston, TX)*
Junior Girls
Ishana Deb (San Jose, CA)*
Tiffany Ke (Gaithersburg, MD)*
Rachel Sung (Campbell, CA)
Joanna Sung (Campbell, CA)*
Amy Wang (Turnersville, NJ)
Crystal Wang (Bellevue, WA)
Grace Yang (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Rachel Yang (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Cadet Boys
William Bai (San Francisco, CA)*
Alan Chen (Warren, NJ)*
Aditya Godhwani (Milpitas, CA)*
Steven Gong (West Hills, CA)
Nikhil Kumar (San Jose, CA)
Matthew Lu (Highland Park, NJ)*
Sid Naresh (Lisle, IL)*
Michael Tran (Houston, TX)
Cadet Girls
Ava Fu (Fremont, CA)
Swathi Giri (San Jose, CA)*
Tia Hsieh (Plano, TX)
Tiffany Ke (Gaithersburg, MD)*
Rachel Sung (Campbell, MD)
Amy Wang (Turnersville, NJ)
Crystal Wang (Bellevue, WA)
Rachel Yang (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Minicadet Boys
Ted Li (San Diego, CA)*
Mudit Mahajan (San Ramon, CA)*
Sid Naresh (Lisle, IL)
Daniel Ng (Duluth, GA)
Ved Sheth (Fremont, CA)*
Ethan Wang (Sunnyvale, CA)*
Len Yang (Kew Gardens, NY)*
Aziz Zarehbin (Oakland, CA)
Minicadet Girls
Sarika Ahire (Plano, TX)*
Swathi Giri (San Jose, CA)
Tiffany Ke (Gaithersburg, MD)*
Ayane Saito (Milpitas, CA)
Joanna Sung (Campbell, CA)
Rachel Sung (Campbell, CA)
Angie Tan (Milpitas, CA)*
Emilie Yin (San Jose, CA)*



2017 Aurora Summer Open – Results

Very exciting game between Sid and Nandan

Event – Click for full results First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place
Open Singles RR Sid Naresh Felipe Morita Nachiket Joshi Nandan Naresh
Under 2400 RR Felipe Morita Sid Naresh David Lee Ihor Falchuk
Under 2200 RR Nandan Naresh David Lee Arcot Naresh Sonny M. Henderson
Under 2000 RR Jerry Dydynski Arcot Naresh Tadao (tom) Inui Sylwester Sobota
Under 1900 RR Arcot Naresh Keighobad Jafarzadegan Vadim Korneev Yusuke Kuboki
Under 1800 RR Vadim Korneev Douglas Wruck Cheryl Lim Mark J. Hoffman
Under 1700 RR Cheryl Lim Alexander Cai Nishant Sahay Cole Ely
Under 1600 RR Cheryl Lim Patryk Zyworonek Alexander Cai Madison Chao
Under 1400 RR Nishant Sahay Brian Ngeunjuntr Tom Dorman Chang Liu
Under 1200 RR Heidi Lim Arun Govindhan Veerasaravanan Chandrika Nikhith Rao
Under 1000 RR Malena Escalante Maxime Haslett-Brousse Heidi Lim Veerasaravanan Chandrika
Under 600 RR Michael Curry Volodymyr Gut Smridhi Kama Akshar Kota

Experior 1 Year Anniversary Tournament results

Open Singles


                           1. Yi Chi Zhang

                           2. Felipe Morita

                           3. Sid Naresh

                           4. Janusz Franeczek



                                 1. Jerry Dydynski

                                 2. Ejaz Shah

                                 3. Tiger Ramakrishnan

                                 4. Wayne Wasielewski




                         1. Keighobad Jafarzadegan

                         2. Tadao Inui

                         3. Tom Godlewski

                         4. Pawel Zych

Open Singles Event

U2100 Event

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