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Darek Milewski at 2017 US Open – TEAM USA

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2017 US Open Online Streaming

Courtesy Of USATT

USA Table Tennis (USATT) CEO Gordon Kaye announced today a new partnership with Triode Media Group Ltd (Lancaster, PA) to provide an enhanced online viewer experience for the 2017 USATT US Open. The partnership will leverage IBM’s Cloud Video Streaming Manager to stream matches and provide a simplified video-on-demand platform that will make it easier for viewers to find archived individual matches.

Beginning with the ITTF-North America 2018 Youth Olympic Games Qualification Tournament on Sunday, December 17 (3:00pm ET), matches will be streamed live from two tables on USATT’s website,, and through Facebook Live on USATT’s Facebook pages. Each individual match on Tables 1 and 2 will be streamed live and then immediately be available as a video on demand. Viewers can watch these on-demand matches at a convenient time and share these matches on social media.

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Schaumburg 2017 Fall Open Division 1 video’s




More information about tournament

Artur Kurek (2283) vs Michael Wolski (2251)

Wojtek Wolski (2282) vs Barbara Wei (2151)

Sid Naresh (2372) vs Artur Kurek (2283)

Artur Kurek (2283) vs Jerry Dydynski (2159)

Sid Naresh (2372) vs Nandan Naresh (2191)

Viktor Bedriichuk (2204) vs Nandan Naresh (2191)

Artur Kurek (2283) vs Nandan Naresh (2191)

Michael Wolski (2251) vs Viktor Bedriichuk (2204)

Wojtek Wolski (2282) vs Viktor Bedriichuk (2204)

Nandan Naresh (2191) vs Barbara Wei (2151)

Sid Naresh (2372) vs Wojtek Wolski (2282)

Nandan Naresh (2191) vs Jerry Dydynski (2159)

2017 Seamaster World Tour Grand Finals

The 2017 ITTF World Tour Grand finals will take place on 14-17 December in Astana, Kazakhstan and is the most lucrative table tennis event on earth! Only the top 16 men and women from the 2017 ITTF World Tour qualify to fight for the $1,000,000 prize money on offer.

You can watch the matches live at: starting at 4:00 GMT (9:30 IST) © 2015 Frontier Theme