Rules and guidelines for play

The following rules are our guidelines for play.

Club business hours are 9:00AM until 10:00PM Monday to Sunday. Entry to the building from the back.


Between 9:00-16:00 play is available by appointment only and between 16:00-22:00 open play. For the afternoon play please park your vehicle in the back.

  1. Players must wear sneakers or table tennis shoes for safety reasons. No shoes that mark the floor will be allowed in playing areas.
  2. Players must sign up for an available table on sign up board if no tables are available.
  1. Players alternate turns when no tables are available. Persons sitting the longest are the first to play when a table opens up and choosing his opponent. After completing the game both players are living the table and another two players starting the game. In some occasions player who just completed the game will play (but no more than two consecutive matches) again. This will happen only in case if next player in line to take over the table will pick him as his opponent.
  2.  A match consists of a best 3 out of 5 games if other players are waiting for the table.
  3.  Spill proof drink containers are allowed in the playing area, NO FOOD.
  1. Language and conversations must be kept ‘family friendly’ especially when kids or new players are around. If you have a problem with the club, a member or guest, bring it to a member of the board’s attention. This can also be done by emailing the board (
  2.  No smoking or alcoholic beverages in the building. No alcoholic beverages in the parking areas. Smoking only in designated area (back parking)
  3. Please speak quietly when sitting close to an active match and move quickly between tables when there is a break in play.
  4.  If your ball ends up in another court, wait and let them retrieve your ball between points. Players are to only call a “let” on their table if their play is distracted by the other ball and the “let” must be called before that point’s play is completed. We have a good definition of “lets” in the rule book we can refer to.
  5.  Any person breaking the rules in a manner that upsets the play and enjoyment of other members of the club will be given a warning. Further or serious infractions will result in removal from the club for the night. Serious and repeat infractions will be discussed by the board to insure fairness. Repeated poor behavior will result in loss of club privileges up to but not limited to loss of membership.
    Our rules are mostly common sense, oriented towards creating a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for all players. These rules may be modified or expanded by the club’s governing body for that purpose at any time.


If you have any questions please contact as at or Jerry at 630 292-4395 or Janusz at 847 772-8947 © 2015 Frontier Theme