Progressing to higher levels, learn from China

Courtesy of ITTF

by Jinxin Wang (Men’s Singles winner 2015 United States Open)

Aspiring players in abundance in China, there is an embarrassment of riches; at the other side of the world, in recent years talented young players a have emerged in the United States.

However do the American players have shortcomings? How can they improve their technical abilities in order to first reach international level and then progress to what might be termed world level?

Arguably the answer is to be found in China.

1. Comparison of the table tennis systems

The difference between the United States and China is one of systems and organizations.


China’s sports system is primarily government led with a focus on directing human, material and financial resources towards achieving results in international competitions. From local level organizations to city training schools, provincial teams and the national team, a pyramid shaped system is designed to produce players who can excel at high level…more © 2015 Frontier Theme